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Supporting the future of the industry with AluFix® Retort Xtra and CanSeal Pro

Supporting the future of the industry with AluFix® Retort Xtra and CanSeal Pro

Amcor is a global leader in responsible packaging solutions supplying a broad range of rigid and flexible packaging products into the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco packaging industries. By using the latest technology and science to create reliable packaging solutions, Amcor improves products of everyday life. With continuous innovation and steady improvement Amcor creates new and better opportunities to protect packaged products better. Amcor introduce its latest flexible membranes to help shape the future of food cans.

Alongside its already successful AluFix® portfolio, a range of flexible membranes for dry and retort metal can applications, Amcor showcase its latest innovation for the industry: AluFix® Retort Xtra and CanSeal Pro.

With AluFix® Retort Xtra, Amcor is expanding its offering of peel-off ends in the retort world. This brand new solution for highly aggressive goods will now enable can makers and fillers to make metal cans safer and more convenient even for the most demanding applications.

Amcor is also pleased to introduce its game-changer to the industry: CanSeal Pro. As a revolutionary direct-sealed membrane, CanSeal Pro is a peelable solution that requires no metal ring for sealing, therefore reducing material and production cost whilst addressing fundamental needs of end-consumers. A truly cost-effective, lighter and sustainable metal can is the ultimate response to the market to support the future of this industry.

Amcor is focused on enhancing your brand through eye-catching new designs and packaging formats while always striving for maximum product integrity.


Company profile

Amcor is one of the leading suppliers globally of flexible peel-off membranes for the metal can industry.