Schusterring 19
DE 25355 Barmstedt
Product range

Machines for the can making industry

Our product range contains:

- Strip- and sheet feed presses

- round- and non-round curler

- Lining machines

- Compound drying ovens

- Rollforming machines, e.g. for cosmetic cans

- Bodymaker for small fancy cans

- Tools

Company profile

BIBRA (Biagosch and Brandau Germany GmbH) was established in 1889 and is located in Germany, near Hamburg. Today we are one of the world leading companies in building machines and complete lines to produce bottoms and lids for all types of  round and non-round cans, rings for paint cans, deep drawn cans, cosmetic cans, fancy cans, aerosol bottoms and cones and also caps and closures.

Our delivery program contains: Strip- and Sheet feed presses, Curler, Lining machines, Drying ovens, Rollforming machines, Bodymaker for Fancy cans and also toolings.


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