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Bunting Magnetics 2-piece can decorating magnetic cylinders provide exceptional value in any 2-piece can production environment. Get superior plate holding power and rugged durability that provides years of trouble-free service. Our PlateMaster™ system for Stolle Rutherford® Decorator features a light-weight, fast-mount design with a new patented quick mount shaft and cylinder for Rutherford style 2-Piece Can Decorators.

Bunting also manufactures Magnetic Washdown Can Conveyors to move and control full and empty cans safely and efficiently without can damage in today’s high speed applications. Gentle control and stability are maintained by powerful magnetic plate rails. Whether you are conveying, elevating, or lowering full or empty cans, our can conveyor eliminates damage to today’s thinner wall cans, and reduces the downtime associated with gripping and mechanical devices.