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Company profile

CHROTEX is a leading Greek coatings production company specializing in lacquers and varnishes for metal printing.

The use of CHROTEX’s coatings for the metal packaging industry covers the needs of modern processes for the production of general line and food cans, closures, aluminum collapsible tubes and any type of metal containers.                                                                                               

CHROTEX offers a wide range of products for every application:

  • Interior Gold Varnishes for 3-piece and 2-piece food cans as well as for crown corks and pilfer proof closures
  • Exterior White and Coloured Lacquers for 3-piece and 2-piece cans, closures and every kind of metal packaging
  • Exterior Gold Varnishes for crown corks, twist off and omnia caps
  • Exterior Clear Varnishes for 3-piece cans, twist off and omnia caps
  • Side Seam Varnishes for general line 3-piece cans
  • Lacquers & Varnishes for external side wall lacquering and varnishing of pilfer proof caps
The product systems offered by CHROTEX are supported by sophisticated technical service functions. These account for cost efficiency of customers' operations.

CHROTEX is a reliable partner emphasizing quality and cost benefit, having as a top priority always to meet the needs of its customers.