Via Salimbene da Parma 4/C
IT 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE)
Mr. Antonino Di Marco

Company profile

CIMATECH was founded on the basis of CIMA's forty-year experience in the specific field of industrial handling. People and resources, ideas and technologies, to provide an immediate, effective response to today's continual evolution in industrial production and consumer goods.

Simple, reliable machinery and systems, to ensure optimisation of production rates and to safeguard your products. Today, CIMATECH offers a complete service for resolving problems in the industrial handling of metal containers: cans and drums; plastic containers of any kind, shape and size; glass containers, bottles and glasses, caps, jars, jugs, boxes, bundles and pallets.

CIMATECH, reinforced by its membership of the FOM Group, can now count on partner businesses that expand its production and technical capacity, to offer a global service.