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Founded in 19987, CLEVERTECH is located in Emilia Romagna region, nearby Reggio Emilia, in the so called “packaging valley” due to the present of many other OEM companies specialized in packing equipment for various sectors of application.

CLEVERTECH has proved during the years to be a dynamic Company with a total year turn over above 100 mil euro and worldwide presence with after sales hub in all Continents, it’s capability to design and manufacture customized systems for the ends and cans manufacturing of any shape are part of the origin of the Company which was created to automate material handling in the Cansand Ends manufacturing.

Since its beginning, CLEVERTECH has delivered to its partner reliable ends dynamic balancer, pal-depal cans solution as aerosol cans palletization,snake palletiser, in a wide range of equipment designed to meet the most specific requirements in terms of productivity and technical features.

The CLEVERTECH portfolio include all type of vacuum, magnetic or traditional table top conveyor for the material handling within the cans and ends making industry.