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CONTAINERMACHINERY (CM) designed and installed the first fully automated Robotic end packaging line (automated bagging and palletizing) for 7 end lines in China in 2017. The standard CM baggers can handle 4 incoming lanes and bag up to 10 bags / minute, palletizing onto 4 separate pallets. Ends on pallets are traceable to the 4 incoming lanes, made on either 4 different presses or on 4 different lanes in a conversion lane.
CM also accomplished the line engineering for over 8 end and can lines in the general line industry. The systems include an automatic irregular can line with dry side lock seam. 
For the can filling industry, CM developed a fully automatic line of equipment feeding ends to high speed can filling lines, including an automatic de-palletizer with integrated un-wrapper, un-wrapped end buffer and single or dual lane conveyor to the seamer.

An automatic balancer for a beverage end line was successfully designed and manufactured. Balancer A re-distributes 4 lanes in to 2 lanes out. The B distribution takes 2 lanes in to 4 lanes out. Any in / out combination is possible. The modular design allows for easy shipping in standard containers and takes only few days to set up at the customer. No robots are needed in this design.

Not only the development of fully automatic end baggers using paper instead of film but also sheet fed DRD lines for fish cans are nearing completion and will be available shortly.

As for the company history: Container Machinery Corporation (CMC) was founded in 1974, to represent European manufacturers of can making and food processing equipment in North America. In the 80s, CMC developed SEAMscan, the double seam inspection system. This award winning product ushered in the development of many other gauges and testers for the can making industry. The German company of Manfred Kuhnke was acquired, leading CMC to continue as CMC-KUHNKE

After the divestiture of CMC-KUHNKE in 2014, Container Machinery is set up as follows:

Container Machinery International Limited, Hong Kong (CMI) 
CMI as parent company of Zhuhai CM Container Machinery Co. Ltd. (CMZ) exports own machinery being produced by CMZ and related equipment worldwide. In previous years it installed automated end and can making lines in China and SE Asia 

Container Machinery Corporation, USA (CMC)
CMC markets sensors from Jungmichel / Germany, spare parts for machinery from Lagarde in France, and parts from various other manufacturers. Container Machinery can also provide machines or complete production lines, as made by CMZ and provide follow up services.

Container Machinery Europe, Germany (CME)
CME imports and exports European - mostly German - and Chinese machinery. Container Machinery offers can and end making machinery, machinery design (engineering) and follow up service for machinery installed in Europe through a CM company.