Via A. De Gasperi, 96
IT 84016 Pagani (SA)

Company profile

De Santis is well known as the leading manufacturer in Italy of labelling and cartoning machines. De Santis company started at the end of the 19th century when the present owner's grandfather started a small engineering workshop in Pagani. During the 1930s he was approached by some of the local canning companies which required special machinery for can handling. In 1938, De Santis developed the first Automatic High Speed can Labelling machine built in Italy. Since then, the company has continued its policy of being the most specialized manufacturer of can handling and labelling machinery.

De Santis offers a comprehensive range of can handling machinery capable of accepting cans straight from the sterilization process and taking them through to the warehouse stage.

The range consists of:

- Conveyors and dividing units, for precise feeding of one or more packaging lines.

- Labelling machines, in standard models for speeds between 50-300 cpm and "HIGH SPEED LABELLERS" which reaches speeds between 300-800 cpm as the NEW model HSL16.

- Case Packers, available in two types of models for single land or for multiple lane (output up to 1000cpm); including automatic Case Erector.

- Case Gluer-Sealers. At the end of the packaging line there are case gluer sealers utilizing the hot melt methods to seal cartons (top and/or bottom).

- Special unit, studied according with the customers' requirements. De Santis is in fact prepared to study any special applications or area-problems. This willingness to help processors has been the basis of their success for the last 80 years.

De Santis units have been installed and have been worked for many years all around the world. From China to Chile, from South Africa to Russia, from U.S.A. to Australia, with the complete satisfaction of customers.

 Another element of De Santis' success is that the spare parts are immediately available and delivered, also for very old machines.