Antigua, 4
ES 20577 Antzuola, Guipuzkoa

Company profile

GOIZPER Group dates back to 1959 in Antzuola in the north of Spain.

Goizper has become an international group, structured in three different business activities: Industrial, Spraying and Biotechnology

GOIZPER and GUIBE are the two companies of the industrial business in Goizper Group. Both offer specific, global solutions in Power Transmission Components (Brakes, Clutches, Clutch-Brake Combinations, Index Tables, Cams, Lifts, Gearboxes, Gears, Mechanical Jacks, and other special solutions as Vertical Lifts, etc.

Reliable and customized design and an ability to adapt to customer needs have made Goizper and Guibe a benchmark among companies in application sectors such as:
Welding, Automotive, Steel, Packaging, Mining, Aeronautics, Metalforming and Fabricating, Machine Tool, Construction, Rubber, Marine, etc.

Research, Innovation with a focus on quality and the strong investment in machinery, are the basis of GOIZPER Industrial's strategy.