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hubergroup Print Solutions produces inks, varnishes, and printing aids for packaging, commercial, and newspaper printing. Additionally, the associated subsidiary Gleitsmann Security Inks manufactures security inks. hubergroup Print Solutions is a division of the German-based printing inks and chemicals specialist hubergroup, which employs about 3,500 people in nearly 30 countries and has more than 255 years of history. The portfolio is broadly diversified and tailored to the needs of offset, flexo, and gravure printers.

As an expert for flexible packaging, hubergroup Print Solutions offers the complete set of state-of-the-art liquid inks from solvent to water and UV to realise the diverse requirements for packaging. Under the umbrella of the renowned brands Gecko, Hydro-X and NewV, it sells liquid inks and varnishes for all kinds of substrates as well as special applications such as metallic inks or haptic varnishes. Since hubergroup puts a lot of work into research and development, the company continues to present innovative solutions, such as barrier coatings that support mono-material packaging solutions.

hubergroup Print Solutions’ second focus is offset printing, which is also the company’s origin. With INKREDIBLE, NewV, and TINKREDIBLE, hubergroup has established strong brands for conventional and UV inks for both web offset and sheet-fed offset printing. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of varnishes for the finishing of print products, which are marketed under the brands ACRYLAC and PRINTLAC. The field of application ranges from high-quality packaging in the food and non-food sector to commercial and newspaper printing. To provide customers with a holistic solution, the company also manufactures fountain solution additives and is considered a pioneer in this field.

Paying special attention to the sustainability of its products, hubergroup Print Solutions offers inks with full Cradle to Cradle certifications for all these printing processes and has set ecological standards several times, for example with the first cobalt-free ink. To support design for recycling the company has different ink solutions, either allowing direct mechanical recycling, composting, or deinking. A speciality of hubergroup is that most of the raw materials comes from the company’s division hubergroup Chemicals so that the environmental standards can be defined by the company itself. Besides, hubergroup is a recognized technology partner in various cross-industry projects such as CEFLEX or 4evergreen, which drive circular solutions.

Delivering more than just ink, hubergroup Print Solutions also provides comprehensive services – from colour management and high-quality lab analysis to on-site consulting for more efficient printing. Service hubs around the world ensure fast and professional support.