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ES 08107 Martorelles Barcelona

Company profile

Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers expertly engineered cemented carbide, tungsten carbide powders, diamond and cubic boron nitride materials, used in a wide range of tailor made material-removal and wear-protection applications, process line tools and metal forming products. The company  has  advanced global production capabilities in powder processing, sintering, high-pressure high-temperature synthesis and finishing. All materials are developed and manufactured in-house.  Main areas of business are: Metal cutting, Mining, oil & gas, Process lines, Wear applications, and Powder and abrasives.
The Value Proposal of Can Tooling segment is based on not only offering the best material options for a given tool, manufactured to the highest quality standards but it also optimizing the tool and container design to meet a specific canmakers working conditions and needs. Therefore, Hyperion’s offer is more than just supplying carbide tools as per a drawing. It’s meeting and exceeding their customer’s needs by offering tool and Can design support, container light weighting design support, on-site training for the D&I process, plant audits, problem solving support and a carbide scrap recovery program.