Industriestr. 14
DE 64297 Darmstadt

Company profile

ISRA VISION AG is one of the world’s top companies for industrial image processing and a global leader in surface inspection of web materials and 3D machine vision applications. Within its Print product segment, the company offers high-performance inline inspection systems used for the complete and reliable detection of printed products. ISRA’s systems contribute significantly to improving quality, optimizing processes and increasing profit and they comprise a large number of inspection tasks. ISRA’s experience and technological competence are proven in the thousands of successfully installed systems worldwide.

Thanks to its comprehensive portfolio, ISRA offers the right inspection solution for the entire value chain of printed products. The company also provides quality assurance for a wide range of materials and tasks; from metal and decorative prints to paper packaging. Thanks to innovative web-viewing, ISRA enables a reliable defect detection even when faced with the fastest web speeds, thus ensuring a cost-effective, timely and profitable production.

Applications in the print industry

- Suitable for all materials including metal – for rotogravure printing, foil, paper, flexo or offset printing.
- 100% print inspection for metal decoration
- 100% assurance in delivery of defect-free sheets
- Real-time inspection of printed webs and sheets at speeds over 600 m/min.
- 100% inpress and offpress control of the entire surface against the smallest printing, color errors or other defects.

Inspection solutions at a glance:

-          DecoSTAR         for metal decoration

-          CoatSTAR          for metal coatings

-          NarrowSTAR     for narrow-web and label printing

-          PrintSTAR           for flexible packaging

-          BlankSTAR         for folding boxes

-          ProofSTAR         for leaflets as well as pharmaceutical and consumer packaging

-          CartonSTAR       for corrugated printing

-          DigiSTAR            for digital printing

-          ViewSTAR          for web viewing at very high web speeds

-          ColorSTAR          for a continuous analysis of color values


Additional available modules:
- ColorWATCH: Online color monitoring
- PrintTRACK: Register control
- MultiVIEW: Lamination/coating inspection
- QuickPROOF: Prepress verification
- RewindManager: Cut optimization