. Yuan Nan Ejia Tongzhou
CN 226374 Jiangsu
Product range

metal decorating machine

metal decorating machine

1. metal printing/coating oven

2. Printing press

3. coater

4. Incinerator

5. coil cutting line

6. bundle turner


Company profile

Jiangsu HuaYu Printing & Coating Equipment Co. Ltd was founded on Oct. 1972. HuaYu group employees more than 600 working staffs. HuaYu is a group company do concentrate in Metal packaging industry for more than 35 years. HuaYu supplied Metal Coater and drying oven and do export to Europe, American, Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East more than 40 countries. We do supply 100set drying ovens per year and 400,000pcs wicket every year. We are leading the 80% of Chinese Market and extend to worldwide now. Want to know more what we making. Please visit our website. www.chinaovens.com