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Products and innovations

OTP Optical Tool Profile Gauge

OTP Optical Tool Profile Gauge

The OTP Optical Tool Profile Gauge measuring and evaluation system is used for profile measurement and tolerance evaluation of drawing rings for the two-piece beverage can production. In contrast to the previously known measuring devices, OTP is based on an optical and therefore non-contact measuring principle.

OTP is characterized by a robust design that allows the device to be used under production conditions.

The device offers the following advantages compared to the previous model RICOS or other scanning methods:

- quick measurement
- non-contact measurement
- no wear parts (probe tip, ring pads)
- motorized and software-controlled adjustment of the measuring system to different ring types

The software offers extensive functions to support the evaluation of the measurement data with regard to compliance with the tolerance limits.

For the measurement, a line of light is projected onto the inner ring contour at a defined angle. The change in the light line geometry is recorded with the camera. An intelligent image processing system calculates the inner profile (entrance angle, land angle, land length, exit angle, radii) of the drawing ring with high precision.


RPI for comfortable visual inspection of ironing rings and punches
Photographer: OEG GmbH
Universal Ring- and Punch gauge for 2-piece can manfacture
Photographer: OEG GmbH
PUNCHMASTER for the measurement of punches and knockouts for 2-piece beverage can manufacture
Photographer: OEG GmbH
RINGMASTER zur Messung von Ziehringen und Necking Dies für die 2-Teil-Getränkedosenherstellung
Photographer: OEG GmbH
Product range

URP - Universal Ring- and Punch Gauge

URP - Universal Ring- and Punch Gauge

The URP serves for the measurement of diameter and roundness of ironing rings and punches for 2-piece beverage can manufacture.

Measuring functions:

-Inside diameter of ironing rings and necking dies (special adapter necessary)

-roundness of inside diameter by measurement in different azimuths (manual rotation of specimen)

-Outside diameter of punches and knockouts (z-position freely choosable)

-step (automatic motorized movement of specimen to the measuring points)

-roundness of outside diameter by measurement in different azimuths (manual rotation of specimen)

Mehr Informationen hierzu finden Sie unter: https://www.oeggmbh.com/?p=12&k=12&kj=&z=&l=1

Product range



Worldwide success by outstanding performance

PUNCHMASTER was specially developed for the measurement of punches, used in beverage can industry.

PUNCHMASTER is characterized by contactless, optical measurement with submicron resolution. The main measuring functions run automatically and software controlled.

PUNCHMASTER features the following measuring functions:

·   Outside diameter at any z-position (height position)

·   Outside roundness at any z-position (height position)

·   Automatic step measurement

·   Measurement of step position

·   Measurement of outside profile

·   Measurement of taper

·   Calculation of transition radius and transition angle

PUNCHMASTER features also the measurement of knock outs.

Along with the PUNCHMASTER a software for creation of tolerance models for the punch profile according CAD drawing is provided.

This allows the evaluation of the measured punch profile and the comparison of the measured profile with the tolerance model according the drawing.

Product range

RINGMASTER 40-100/200 2. Gen.

RINGMASTER 40-100/200 2. Gen.

RINGMASTER is the master tool for measurement of all kind of ironing dies, redraw dies and necking dies, used in 2-piece beverage can manufacture.

Installations in 95 beverage can plants (date: 02/2023) on all continents show the general acceptance of the can tool measuring equipment in the beverage can industry.

RINGMASTER is not only a measuring gauge, it’s a measuring technology.

RINGMASTER is characterized by an optical, contactless measurement with very high accuracy.

It measures diameter and roundness at the same time in a single measuring operation with an accurcy of 1micron!

Product range

RINGINSPECTOR - for the visual inspection of ironing dies

RINGINSPECTOR - for the visual inspection of ironing dies

Defects, for example scratches, on the inside of ironing rings for beverage can production can have a negative impact on the surface quality of beverage cans. It is therefore advisable to visually inspect the inside of the ironing rings before using them in the bodymaker. The ring inspector is the ideal tool for this. It is equipped with both transmitted light and incident light. The ring support can be tilted so that the inspection is possible from several angles. The observation optics has a large zoom range.

The RINGINSPECTOR is the ideal aid for fatigue-free visual inspection of drawing dies for beverage can production.

Company news

100th RINGMASTER delivered

100th RINGMASTER delivered


Worldwide on all continents, the name "RINGMASTER" is synonymous with measuring accuracy and reliability in the measurement of ironing dies for 2-piece beverage can production. In 2021, OEG GmbH not only celebrated its 30th anniversary, but also the delivery of RINGMASTER number 100, which was delivered to the WALLRAM Group. In 2023, we can be proud of 115 RINGMASTERs produced and installed in about 95 plants worldwide.

The interconnectedness of OEG GmbH with the beverage can industry can be seen in the fact that hundreds of thousands of ironing dies have been measured with the OEG RINGMASTER in recent years.

OEG GmbH has constantly reacted to the demands of the market and has both continuously developed the existing measuring devices and developed new measuring devices for other measuring tasks. Examples are the “PUNCHMASTER”, the “RICOS” and the “URP 40-100”.

The “PUNCHMASTER” is used for high-precision measurement of diameter, roundness, outside contour and transition parameters of punches for beverage can production. It is the ideal complement to the “RINGMASTER” and guarantees the perfect composition of the tool pack.

The measuring device "RICOS" is used to measure the inner contour of drawing dies such as entry and exit angle, land, land position and angle.

The universal ring and punch measuring device "URP 40-100" is capable of measuring both ironing rings and punches.

If required, the OEG devices can also measure necking dies and knock outs.

Very popular for the inspection of drawing dies and punches is the "Ring and Punch Inspector".

The latest development is a professional ultrasonic cleaning device for tools for beverage can production, the "Toolsonic Pro".

Over the past 20 years, OEG GmbH has become an integral part of the beverage can industry.

Together with its partners, customers and thanks to its highly qualified employees, OEG GmbH will continue this development in the future and remain a reliable supplier and service partner for the beverage can industry worldwide.

Company profile

OEG GmbH, founded in 1991, develops and produces high-precision optical measuring devices.

A product line is used for the highly precise measurement of tools for the manufacture of beverage cans. These measuring devices are used in over 90 can plants on all continents. This proves the leading position of the OEG measuring devices in this segment.

The measuring devices RINGMASTER, PUNCHMASTER, URP and RICOS were specially developed for use in beverage can plants and are characterized by extremely high measuring accuracy even under harsh conditions and very simple operation. The exact knowledge of the drawing tools for beverage can production has a direct influence on the yield in production and the quality of the products, as well as on minimizing the use of materials. Many beverage can factories have shown that the use of our measuring devices can save many times the investment in costs. That is why well-known beverage can manufacturers have been relying on OEG measuring devices for ironing dies, punches, necking dies and knock outs for over 20 years!

The individual devices are suitable for the following purposes:


Measurement of diameter, ovality and concentricity of all types of ironing dies and necking dies.


Measurement of diameter, ovality, step, contour, taper and transition parameters of punches (stamping) as well as comparison with the CAD data in a tolerance model and measurement of knock outs.

3) URP Universal Ring and Punch Gauge

Measurement of the diameter of all types of drawing rings as well as diameter, step, contour, taper and transition parameters of punches (stamping) as well as comparison with the CAD data in a tolerance model, measurement of necking dies and knock outs.

4) RICOS Ring Contour Gauge

Highly accurate measurement of the inner profile of drawing rings and comparison with the CAD data in a tolerance model

5) RPI-Ring and Punch Inspector

Comfortable visual inspection of rings and punches

6) Toolsonic Pro

Professional ultrasonic tool cleaning system

More information can be found at: https://www.oeggmbh.com/?p=12&kc=4&l=1