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DM45 300

DM45 300

The DM45 300 is an automatic machine for offset printing in up to six colors and lacquering ( wet on wet ) on the outside surface of aluminum and plastic closures.

General Features
max. closure diameter -> 35 mm
min. closure diameter -> 22 mm
max. closure length -> 70 mm
min. closure length -> 30 mm
Number mandrels -> 8
max. production speed -> 300 p/min

Product range



Automatic machine mod. DM45-300, automatic machine for offset printing in up to 6 colors + lacquering ( wet on wet ) on the outside surface of aluminum and plastic closures.


General Features :

Max closure diameter -> 35 mm
Min closure diameter -> 22 mm
Max closure length -> 70 mm
Min closure length -> 30 mm
Number mandrels -> 8
Max production speed -> 300 p/min

Product range



The machine mod. EVENT400, is a new machine, designed with a flexible print configuration, for the decoration of cylindrical metal and plastic closures by using dry-offset technology.

General Features :

Maximum production speed -> 400 ppm
Max. diameter of the closure -> 35 mm
Min. diameter of the closure -> 25 mm
Max. height of closure -> 70 mm
Number of mandrels -> 16
Number of printing sectors -> 4

Company profile

Founded in 1952, for the past 60 years OMSO has been manufacturing high-technology equipment for the printing on objects and containers of various shapes and dimensions.

Such long established experience has allowed OMSO to reach a leading position in its field as well as the recognition that its work complies with the most severe quality standards and certified to UNI EN ISO 9001/94.

The factory covers 11.000 sq.mts., after the last extension completed last year.


The machines being manufactured are of three types:

- for dry offset printing

- for silk screen printing

- for flexographic printing

In total, the turnover during the last financial year has been above 22 million Euro, 90% of which for export.


The range of machines, both automatic and semi-automatic, is suitable to meet any production requirement. They can, in fact, reach an hourly production speed of 6.000 pieces/hour in screen printing and 42.000 pieces/hour in offset printing.

As far as the number of colours is concerned, there is the possibility to have 13 colours in line for screen printing and flexo printing, and 9 colours in a single pass with offset printing.

Machines with lower speed capacity are also available, down to the very simple and versatile ones. This in order to satisfy the request of customers specialised in small runs.


Through an efficient network of representatives, OMSO exports practically all over the world, also thanks to extensive participation to all major exhibitions.

The main markets are Germany, France, China, U.S.A., besides the Far East and the South American countries.


OMSO's technical staff is of primary importance and always ready to acknowledge the needs of the moment and, therefore, to adapt production to marketing needs, becoming more sophisticated and demanding.

Capable and specialised engineers for commissioning of the equipment and training of the staff, are always available and they ensure an efficient and high-quality after-sale service.

As a result of this, OMSO is proud to have as customers the most important names and products in the field of foodstuffs, chemical and cosmetics, whose image can directly or indirectly be linked to our printing equipments.