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Products and innovations

Spray line for closures

Spray line for closures

Spray line for aluminum and plastic closures for the wine, spirits and beverage industry.

The spray cup printing machines equipped with spray pistols mounted on mobile heads that can cover all shapes, even unusual ones. The closures are conveyed into the cabin mounted on a chain with vertical pins and are presented to the spray pistol. Thanks to a special mechanism, the painting operation is performed only when the chain is stationary. This permits a 30 per cent reduction in paint consumption.

The closures then enter the drying zone, which consists of four consecutive drying lines equipped with infrared heaters positioned above and on either side of the lines. This innovative infrared system reduces drying times and guarantees even, rapid drying.

The paint line has compact dimensions and uses clean energy with reduced environmental impact in terms of emissions and consumption.

General characteristics:
Maximum capsule diameter > 45 millimetre
Minimum capsule diameter > 18 millimetre
Maximum capsule height > 70 millimetre
Minimum capsule height > 18 millimetre
Maximum production rate > 200 p/min


Spray line for aluminum and plastic closures for the wine, spirits and beverage industry
Photographer: OMSO SPA®
Product range

MECAPLINE- Lines for the decoration of metal closures

MECAPLINE- Lines for the decoration of metal closures

Thanks to the numerous customisations created in order to meet our customers' decorating requirements, we are able to offer the most comprehensive lines for decorating caps in aluminium or plastic.

The lines may be composed of:

-      automatic feeder and lift, device for transferring caps to the degreasing oven.

-      degreasing oven for cleaning metal caps

-      device for transferring caps from oven to base lacquering unit

-      lacquering unit (VDF)

-      oven for drying base lacquer

-      device for transferring caps from drying oven to automatic dry-offset printing machine

-      automatic dry-offset printing and lacquering machine (Event400, DM45-300, DM45, ServotubeM3)

-      final drying oven.

Product range

Dry offset printing machine mod.EVENT 400

Dry offset printing machine mod.EVENT 400

The machine mod. EVENT400, is a new machine, designed with a flexible print configuration, for the decoration of cylindrical metal and plastic closures by using dry-offset technology.

General Features :

Maximum production speed -> 400 ppm
Max. diameter of the closure -> 35 mm
Min. diameter of the closure -> 25 mm
Max. height of closure -> 70 mm
Number of mandrels -> 16
Number of printing sectors -> 4

Product range

Dry Offset printing machine mod. DM45-300

Dry Offset printing machine mod. DM45-300

Automatic machine mod. DM45-300, automatic machine for offset printing in up to 6 colors + lacquering ( wet on wet ) on the outside surface of aluminum and plastic closures.


General Features :

Max closure diameter -> 35 mm
Min closure diameter -> 22 mm
Max closure length -> 70 mm
Min closure length -> 30 mm
Number mandrels -> 8
Max production speed -> 300 p/min

Product range

Embossing machine mod. KF45

Embossing machine mod. KF45

KF 45 for embossing the top of metal caps and printing on the embossed part in one colour.


General Features :

Productions speed Up to 9000p/h

Diam of closures: Min 28mm – Max 35mm

Height of closures: Min 33mm – Max 70mm

Company profile

Automatic printing machines

Printing on containers of differing shapes, sizes and materials for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries is OMSO’s primary focus. Through the use of highly automated technologies OMSO is able to satisfy an increasingly wide spectrum of deeply diversified decoration needs.

Since 1952, the year OMSO was established, its main aim has always been to continually improve the quality of direct printing on objects by using such innovative technologies as flexographic and digital printing combined with the more traditional screen printing and dry off-set methods.


Caps and closures
Our reputation for reliability as suppliers of single machines through to complete decoration lines, is based on the experience gained through the years in the caps sector.

With Mecapline lines for the decoration of caps to be found in five continents, we have been able to rely on a wide range of combinations, with dry offset machines combined with up and downline accessories such as: glazing, painting, tracing machines, on-head printing, etc, able to satisfy the most diverse decorating requirements.

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