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Product range

Viscosity and temperature controls

Viscosity and temperature controls

Viscosity measuring and control systems with various sensor selections (rotational, falling ball and inline systems)

Consumption measurement and control for inks/coatings and solvents

automatic ink supply and blending system with oc-Blend software e.g. for printing machines

Temperature measurement and control with inline heating/cooling solutions

Pump and tank technology, agitators and automatic level control systems

Dispensing machines for individual ink supplies on site

Cleaning and recycling systems for machine and e.g. for waste water

Company profile

opti-color supplies and develops measuring and control technology for more than 40 years. The main focus is the control and process-orientated optimizing of liquid products.

More than 17.000 viscosity measuring and control systems have been supplied worldwide and make opti-color to be one of the leading companies in this section. Many of these systems are supplied along with tank sets for temperature control (heating/cooling) and level control with automatic refill.

Know-How is also supplied by competent service and consultation on site - before, during and after the decision for the best solution for each individual task of our customers.