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Product range

Tinplate-TFS Easy Open Ends/ EOE/ EZO

Top Quality Tinplate & TFS Easy open ends are available with full aperture and partial opening for packing for both retort/ sterilized products and also for dried products.

Size Range (Diameter): 202 (52mm), 209 (63mm), 211 (65mm), 214 (70mm), 300 (73mm), 305 (81mm), 307 (83mm), 315 (97mm), 401 (99mm), 502 (127mm), 603 (153mm), 700 (178mm)

Product range

Aluminium Easy Open Ends/ EOE/ EZO

Aluminum Easy open ends are available in all sizes. Ends are available for packing retort (sterilized) food products and also for packing powder products.Safety feature (prevent hand-cut is available). 

Size Range (Diameter): 200(50mm), 202(52mm), 209(63mm), 211(65mm), 300(73mm), 307(83mm), 401(99mm), 502(127mm), 603(153mm)

Product range

Beverage Easy Open Ends/ EOE/ EZO

High quality Aluminum Beverage Ends made of Aluminium are available in Ring Pull Tab (RPT), Stay On Tab (SOT) and Large Opening Ends (LOE).These are used for juices, carbonated beverage or condensed milk packing.

Size Range (Diameter): 200 (50mm), 202 (52mm), 206 (57mm), 209 (63mm)

Product range

Easy Open Ends/ EOE/ EZO: Irregular Shapes

Available in oval, Rectangular and Pear Shapes. Most of the sizes are available.

Product range

Tinplate-TFS Bottom Ends/ Sanitary Bottoms

Tinplate-TFS Bottom Ends/ Sanitary Bottoms

Bottom ends or Sanitary Bottoms are good for meat, fish, vegetable, coffee and powdered products

Size Range (Diameter): 200 (50mm), 202 (52mm), 209 (63mm), 211 (65mm), 214 (70mm), 300 (73mm), 305 (81mm), 307 (83mm), 315 (97mm), 401 (99mm), 502 (127mm), 603 (153mm), 700 (178mm)

Product range

Penny Lever Lids/ Ring Lid tagger Assemblies

Penny Lever Lids/ Ring Lid tagger Assemblies

Made from Prime Tinplate’s. Aluminum foil (tagger) is especially lacquered for powder packing.

Size Range (Diameter): 300 (73mm), 401 (99mm), 502 (127mm), 603 (153mm)

Product range

Peel Off Ends/ Peel Off Membranes

We offer very high quality Peel Off Lids in several combination as under:

1. Tinplate Ring or Aluminium Ring.

2. Ring Type or Tab Type.

3. With Clinch Marks for gassing and Without.  

For safe and convenient packaging of premium food products. Available in many sizes. 

Size Range (Diameter): 211 (65mm), 300 (73mm), 307 (83mm), 401 (99mm), 502 (127mm), 603 (153mm)

Product range

Aerosol Components (Cones and Domes)

Products range covers all the sizes of cones and domes used in the aerosol markets.

Size Range (mm): 52, 57, 65

Product range

Lug Caps (Twist Off Caps)

Extensive range of lug caps also known as twist of lug caps made of supreme quality steel sheet. We can supply with both PVC and TPE Compound lining. Also we can offer with Safety Button for vaccum check. Product suitable for retort / sterlization and also normal packing.  

Size Range: 30mm, 38mm, 48mm, 53mm, 63mm, 82mm, 89mm, 100mm

Product range

Paint Components (Top and Bottoms)

Paint Components (Top and Bottoms)

Tinplate Components - Empty Paint Tin Can Components Bottom, Lid, ring

Size Range (mm): 105, 165, 175

Company profile

Scan Holdings is one of the leading packaging companies spread accross five continents. Catering to the Metal Packaging needs for Food and Beverage industry. Our prodcuts are used for packing a large variety of products like tuna, meat, fruits, vegetables, instant coffee, nuts, tobacco, milk, fruit juice, bear and so on.

We at Scan Holdings can offer a wide range in packaging products. Be it be Easy Open Ends in Tinplate and Aluminium, Beer Bottle Neck Foils & Labels, Penny lever lid Assemblies, Sanitary Can Ends (Top and Bottom), Peel Off Lids, Aerosol Components (Comes and Domes), Twist Off Lug Caps and many more.

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