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Signode Industrial Group provides a wide range of innovative solutions for the food and beverage can industry. The high performance can pallet strapping stations can be equiped with a range of strapping heads suitbale for most commercialy available PET straps. The MH  and H 3000 modular heads coupled with the floating head technology ensure maximised applied and retained tension on the loads for optimum product handling, shipping and arrival condition at custoemrs.

Optimum load stability and clean products are also ensured by the Plastc Packaging and Angleboard plastic separator layer pads. Cans remain seated in position ensuring exact can layer stacking and load stability. Loads acbn also be protected using our Mima stretchfilms and Octopus wrapping machines or alternatively with our lachenmeir stretch hooding units. Signode Industrial group has a solution suitbale for most customer demands

The hygenic, multiple trip, reusable separator pads are easily recyclable. With our own in-house recycling of PET straps and the recyclable separators pads Signode Industrial Group Products have a significantly reduced overall Carbon footprint .