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IparTec® - ideal solution for metering rollers

IparTec this is the result of researching in cooperation with the largest manufacturers of raw materials in the industry and testing with a large printing company.

A special and innovative surface treatment which guarantees the metering rollers unique performances. IparTec has a very high chemical inertia which makes it suitable for contact with all the products in the press room. Any emulsion deposits do not create modifications of the roller surface, with both conventional and UV inks.

A highly water-repellent surface guarantees a water transfer constant and stable over time. This also leads to a 30 - to 50 per cent reduction in roller speed compared with a traditional roller. The IparTec shows a mechanical and chemical resistance  such as to guarantee a much longer life-time than other similar rollers on the market.

IparTec is the ideal solution for machines that have a metering roller directly in contact with the dampening solution (KBA, HEIDELBERG, MITSUBISHI, and more), which work with low percentage of alcohol (IPA less than five per cent) and who want to achieve top printing performance (quality and speed).

Providing high chemical resistance, IparTec is recommended in combination with the innovative SPRAY DAMP (the first washing spray product).


Product range



In the modern Offset and Web print the rollers covering plays an important role in the qualitative output and makes the system more economical to run. Tecnorulli has prepared and tested ideal coverings for the most demanding printers according to the most severe conditions.

The formulation of compounds has allowed us to obtain a product with a high resistance to heat, to solvents and to abrasion.
The product has a dimensional stability, a superficial elasticity and softness along with a guarantee of optimal qualitative and long lasting performance.

Rubber compounds for traditional inks, UV and the new series for Led-UV inks are available.

offset ROLLERS

Product range



Tecnorulli claims a deep knowledge and experience in the industry of metal coatings for packaging.

The range of specific compounds is constantly improved and integrated thanks to the close contact between our company and the major European users who prefer to rely on Tecnorulli for the coating of their varnishing and offset rollers.

To the already complete series of Tecnorulli compounds we have added the Monkal by Hannecard, and the recent upgrade of the rubber compounds series TECNOLAST V and TPM T. These rubber series are designed for UV inks and varnishes and the last upgrade guarantees also the best results with the newest LED UV.

TecnoFlex L & LX Series:
As a result of more than 60 years of successful experience in polyurethane compounds, the Polyurethane plant covers the entire range of applications in the field of elastomers. Tecnoflex L & LX Series, are both resistant and elastic: the best you can obtain for metal varnishing and coating applications.
L55 - L58 - L59 - L62: ideal for varnishing and printing rollers, where a high level of resistance to cuts and abrasion is required.
LX 3 - LX 4 - LX 5 - LX 6 - LX 7: wide hardness range, with excellent spreading features, ideal for high quality metal varnishing and coating.
LXR - LXB (NEW): special elastomers based, with low solvent absorption.
Long term dimensional stability, ideal when a very precise coating size is required

TPM T, B and SAK S 52 Series:
Tecnorulli’s high experience in printing applications, has permitted
our “RID” Research Innovation Department to set-up a wide range of rubber compounds, suitable for varnishing and coating applications.
T 48 - T 53 - T 60: These Compounds are resistant to UV products: varnishes, inks and solvents. Coverings easy to grind, for a longer operation life. Excellent coating spreading. High resistance to polar solvents.
B 45 - B 50: Superior UV resistance, ideal when a high dimensional stability
is required.
S 52: Air oven drying coatings use. It is a valid alternative to the polyurethane coverings, when good coating together with grinding features are requested.
All these rubber compounds are suitable for laser engravures (spot coating).

Company profile

Tecnorulli has been producing elastomer compounds and coatings of rollers and sleeves for over 75 years. 

The company has 3 plants in Italy as well as some warehouse; at our Bologna headquarter, along with the administrative and commercial offices, you can find the facilities for the production of polyurethane and rubber rollers for the printing and metal decoration. Not too far there is the rubber compounds production center with R&D laboratories. In Bologna there is also the factory dedicated to blankets cutting and converting

Tecnorulli, among the first firms in Europe in its sector, has been certified ISO 9001 since the mid-‘90s. The research for innovative compounds capable of responding to the disparate demands of the market has always been the company's priority.

Thanks to the joint venture with Hannecard N.V. and Mitex GmbH our company guarantees to its customers access to sophisticated technologies to solve any problem in the rollers or sleeve coating. Thanks to this partnership, Tecnorulli can count on over 15 worldwide production plants that guarantee a precise assistance for all OEM customers.

The current range of coatings includes natural and synthetic rubbers, hypalon, viton, polyurethanes, rilsan, ebonite and silicones. Starting from raw materials of the best quality, all the compounds and coatings are designed and produced in every phase within the company to guarantee a constant quality control.

OFFSET sheetfed printing for use with traditional, UV and UV LED inks.

METAL COATING in Rubber and Polyurethane for painting plants and for metal pickling lines

"Tecnorulli's professional competence is based on a great know-how and a solid, well-trained and experienced team. At Tecnorulli we work daily to get the most out of every single product we offer to advance customers goals and profitability. Thanks to this attitude, in over 75 years Tecnorulli has gained the support and recognition of numerous and qualified customers in Italy and in the world. "