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Tonejet Cyclone

Tonejet Cyclone

The Tonejet Cyclone is at the heart of a full depalletiser to repalletiser turnkey solution giving customers the ability to print necked cans for beverage companies of all sizes. Craft beer batches, special events, promotional marketing, along with seasonal brews for larger brands can now all be packaged without the need to use shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive labels. The unique printing technology results in the same look and feel of traditionally printed cans but without the restrictive minimum order quantities.

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The Tonejet Cyclone systems comes with depalletiser and repalletiser
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The Tonejet Cyclone full system
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The Tonejet Cyclone produces high-quality printed beverage cans
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The Tonejet Cyclone
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Solucan Sets the Pace for Digital Beverage Can Production in North America

Solucan Sets the Pace for Digital Beverage Can Production in North America

19th February 2020 - Solucan , provider of digital print solutions for the canned beverage industry, has opened the doors to its state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility in Trois-Rivières, Canada to demonstrate the capabilities of its Tonejet  Cyclone direct -to-pack digital beverage can printer.

On February 14th, after highly successful tests, Solucan hosted an official press conference for guests including local media and even provincial and federal representatives including M. Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity; M. Anthony Housefather, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labor and M. Jean Lamarche, Mayor of Trois-Rivières, to announce a revolution in beverage can production. Solucan wowed guests with the successful implementation of its Tonejet Cyclone, demonstrating their new business model, to offer an alternative to shrink sleeved cans and pressure sensitive labels, a complete digital printing solution with flexible quantities at a lower cost per can.

“The installation went as smoothly as we could've hoped” comments Sebastien Baril, President at Solucan. “We've had tons of interest from around the world already and this event gave us the platform to demonstrate to our local audience the full capabilities of Tonejet's direct-to-pack digital beverage can printer. We consider the Cyclone a total game changer and the backbone of Solucan's offering - the quality is second to none and the ability to print using a food safe process is key. Next, we will work with Tonejet to expand our geographical footprint. To sum it up, we couldn't be happier with where Solucan is at this point in time ”he concludes.

Since installation in December last year, the Cyclone has produced hundreds of thousands of cans in batches ranging from 48 cans up to 165,000 showing the true versatility of this end-to-end system. “We're thrilled to see Solucan up and running. Our teams have worked very closely together to complete the project and we will continue to support Solucan as they move through this next phase ”says Rob Day, CEO at Tonejet.

The cans produced on the Tonejet system are environmentally friendly, being 100 per cent recyclable, and address governmental pressures in Canada for an improvement in packaging sustainability. With the Cyclone, Solucan is providing local beverage providers with a solution which anticipates changes to the regulations around packaging. Food quality inks further minimize the environmental impact of these digitally produced cans and produce impressive results.

Following the installation of the Tonejet Cyclone, Solucan is the first North American company to offer the canned beverage industry a complete digital printing solution with flexible quantities offering customers access to infinite print customization options. Find out more:

Company news

BrewBoard utilises Tonejet Cyclone for Short Run Premium Craft Beer Production

BrewBoard utilises Tonejet Cyclone for Short Run Premium Craft Beer Production

3rd March 2020 - BrewBoard , the Cambridge based independent craft brewer has expanded its offering of exclusive and original craft beer can designs with Tonejet  Cyclone direct to can digital printing technology.

The brewery will implement highly customized campaigns across Cambridge and East Anglia, with the low volume freedom afforded by Tonejet's solution. The cans will be produced at Tonejet's facility in Melbourn, Hertfordshire where they maintain a can printing line for demonstration production runs. “BrewBoard gives us the perfect opportunity to collaborate with a local partner to expose the full potential of the Cyclone end-to-end model. This is the first of many projects, craft beer is a huge potential market for digital beverage can production ”comments Rob Day, CEO at Tonejet.

BrewBoard prides itself on producing craft beers with distinctive and characterful branding. Each of their brews is distinguishable by its packaging, with unique off-the-wall designs representing the various brews making it a perfect fit for Tonejet, with a minimum quantity as low as one, and giving them an edge in the highly competitive world of craft beer.

Speaking on how the Tonejet solution will help to support new business plans, BrewBoard co-founder Oliver Pugh, said that “having the flexibility to do small runs will enable us to win business that we might otherwise have not been able to cater for. It reduces lead times making us more competitive. We're very lucky to be located so close to Tonejet, it was a no-brainer to collaborate with them and we are only at the beginning of our digital journey. ”

Whilst supporting independent business by allowing small breweries to run promotional specials and create limited edition beverage cans, the Tonejet solution allows companies to package their products in an environmentally friendly way, producing very little wastage. The Cyclone printer does not use plastic-shrink sleeves, meaning the only materials used are 100 per  cent recyclable. This gives the process a miniscule carbon footprint, which is compounded further by the process using 90% less ink than conventional inkjet systems.

For BrewBoard, this was one of the main draws for using the Tonejet system, with Pugh affirming “we are always looking for ways to make our packaging more sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly and digitally printed cans fit in with that philosophy.”

The company has already manufactured thousands of cans with Tonejet and plans to produce many more, as part of custom, short-term marketing campaigns. "It's been a pleasure to work with Tonejet, who have been both professional and flexible in their approach, qualities which are important to a small business like BrewBoard" concluded Pugh.

The Tonejet Cyclone gives craft beverage brewers, contract fillers, packaging suppliers and large brand owners the ability to create bespoke packaging for short-run product variations at much lower running costs than those associated with traditional methods, and with no compromise on quality. Digital beverage can production eliminates the need to procure, stock, apply and recycle labels ensuring a reduction in costs and a sustainable product.

Tonejet printed cans remain 100 per cent recyclable.

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Tonejet Cylone direct-to-pack digital printer moves to new manufacturing facility

24th July 2019 – Tonejet, manufacturer of advanced electro-static drop-on-demand digital print engines, has opened the doors to its new facility in Melbourn, Hertfordshire. The new space represents a milestone in Tonejet’s journey, allowing it to ramp-up manufacturing to meet worldwide orders for its unique Cyclone direct-to-pack digital printing systems.

Every aspect of Tonejet’s Cyclone printing system, which provides low cost short-run digital decoration for beverage cans, is assembled and tested in-house at the new premises – from the novel surface priming system to the digital print engine itself.

In addition to providing capacity for manufacturing, the new facility enables Tonejet to demonstrate the Cyclone system in its full end-to-end production form. The site allows Tonejet’s customers – beverage packaging producers and brand owners – to carry out direct-to-pack digital print demonstrations, trial runs and pre-production proofing.“After many months of hard work, we’re really excited to announce our new manufacturing facility. The location gives us both scale and efficiency as we continue to grow and develop,” comments Rob Day, CEO, Tonejet.

“The space is ideal both as an R&D hub and operational centre, allowing our ink chemists, printhead technologists and printer engineers to work alongside their colleagues in production and customer support – I don’t think we could have found a better home. The new 1300 square meter space has allowed us to add the necessary de-palletizer, curing oven and re-palletizer units to test and demonstrate a full, end-to-end can printing line, while allowing our customers to visualise exactly how our products fit into their operations and their businesses,” continues Day.

Tonejet also formulates its own consumables including pigmented inks on the nearby Melbourn Science Park. Free of the cost and lead-time barriers associated with traditional analogue printing, the Tonejet Cyclone system facilitates short production runs in the era of mass customisation. It provides beverage producers with the creative freedom to develop seasonal specials, personalised marketing campaigns and special brand activations, boosting consumer engagement and dramatically increasing sales volumes.

With a clear vision for the future and an initial focus on craft beverage brand-owners, contract fillers and packaging suppliers, Tonejet is committed to digital print for the transformation of packaging printing: eliminating waste, shortening supply chains and slashing production costs.

The Cyclone system addresses todays packaging requirements head-on. It offers lower running costs than those associated with shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive labels and avoids the recycling headache created by such processes while providing a high-quality finish.


Company profile

Tonejet manufacture industrial digital printing systems for the direct decoration of beverage cans and other metal packaging.  At the centre of our full de-palletiser to re-palletiser system is the ground breaking Cyclone digital printing machine.  Featuring our unique nozzle-less print head and ink combination, the Tonejet Cyclone delivers the power of digital to a very traditional industry, enabling the direct to can decoration of even the smallest of production requirements.  In fact so small that each beverage can could have completely different graphics, resulting in true personalization. Using our food safe inks that acheive the same look and feel of traditionally printed cans, Cyclone eliminates the need to use a plastic shrink sleeve for decorating and opens the door to all markets in the beverage industry looking for an environmentally friendly packaging solution.