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Velox IDS-NC Series

Velox IDS-NC Series

The Velox IDS-NC series is an advanced digital decoration solution for the mass production of necked beverage cans. It delivers high-quality printing with utmost operational agility, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership and enhancing sustainability. Offering a replacement for mass-production shrink sleeves and labels, the Velox IDS-NC series meets the high-end requirements of fillers, co-packers, breweries and packaging wholesalers.

 The Velox IDS-NC series provides superior decoration on aluminum beverage cans, whether bright or white-coated. The high-resolution print and up to 14 process colours always available on the systems ensure photorealistic image quality, high colour matching, a wide colour gamut and smooth gradients, digital embellishments and sharp texts.

Velox’s direct-to-shape digital decoration introduces an eco-friendly solution for today’s demanding environmental requirements, using a significantly more sustainable process.

Product range

Mass production direct-to-shape digital decoration

Mass production direct-to-shape digital decoration

Velox’s range of breakthrough direct-to-shape digital decoration solutions offer the highest level of quality, flexibility, cost efficiency, and built-in sustainability needed for convectors, co-packers, and fillers to satisfy their customers’ demands (brand owners). The Velox IDS series, based on specifically developed series of inks and system architecture, deliver unparalleled digital printing performance. Velox offers decoration solutions for plastic and aluminum tubes, 2-piece and 3-piece aerosol cans and necked and straight-wall beverage cans.

Company profile

Velox develops, manufactures, sells and supports industrial-grade direct-to shape digital decoration solutions for beverage cans. Its proprietary technology, based on uniquely formulated inks and dedicated system architecture, introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing delivering superior decoration quality, ultimate production flexibility, a low total cost of ownership and built-in sustainability. The Velox IDS series provides mass production speed of up to 500 cpm and unique decoration features as printing on the chime and neck area, 360 degrees, highly opaque digital selective white and digital embellishment.

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