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VMI Equipment for the Canwashing Industry

VMI Equipment for the Canwashing Industry

VMI Canwashers

With the lowest utility consumption on the market, VMI Can washers for the two-piece beer, beverage and food cans are designed to save you time and money.

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VMI Dry off ovens

Within less than ten minutes, VMI Can’s drying ovens are fully heated and operational. With operating temperatures of 150 to 230 degrees Celsius, the cans are dried ultra-fast. The machine has been very well insulated, to keep the heat in and assure that outside wall panels stay cool. Not only making the machine safer, but foremost considerably saving on energy costs.

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Wash Coater

Tin plate food cans typically require an external protection against corrosion that takes place during the cooking process.

As part of your two-piece food can processing line, the VMI Can wash coater uses two curtains to coat the outside of cans. The compact design gives you the smallest footprint in the industry. Entirely constructed of stainless steel, the machine has coating filters, two air knives and a cleaning sponge roll. The machine can furthermore be extended with an optional separate sponge roll system for cleaning the rim of the can.

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Hot Water Boiler

The VMI Can hot water boiler (900 kW) is designed to heat the chemical wash stages and can heat up to 90 degrees Celsius.

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Company profile

Leading the market in innovative can washers, washer-ovens and wash coaters for the two piece beer-, beverage and foodcan industry.