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Latest developments

Latest developments

In addition to the known range of first-class quality tooling for the production of metal packaging, a focus is on environmentally friendly solutions for re-use and refurbish of tooling. In the discussion about sustainable raw materials and avoiding unnecessary waste, a tool that can be reused in the long term is the cleanest solution. Thanks to WALLRAM’s extensive experience in terms of rework programs and the optimal processing of used tools, which only a company that specializes in tools like WALLRAM can carry out in this form, it is possible to extend the product service life extremely, which on the one hand conserves resources but also saves costs.

Another focus will be the latest developments regarding the optimal use of different materials. Whether it is about different types of carbide (including lightweight carbide) or about the use of various ceramics for tooling – WALLRAM offers the needed expertise. Here, too, value is placed on sustainable manufacturing processes - for example spray-drying of carbide only with water or a ceramic production which is 100 per cent climate-neutral.

The last two years have made it clear to adapt to secure material supply, shorter lead and delivery times and to continuously work on new developments to meet the needs of the modern world. With the use of specialists and research institutes, WALLRAM is able to work with its customers to more successfully enter into coordination agreements and strengthen their competitive position in the marketplace. Changing ways of communication in today's society requires flexibility and constant adaptation to new technologies.

Product range

Can Tooling

Can Tooling

A large variety of metal packaging is available. Whether two-piece or three-piece, in the form of a tube, bottle, or can: WALLRAM provides the right tools for the manufacturing process.

One focus area is the two-piece beverage can. Whether cupper press, bodymaker, or necker: WALLRAM tools can be found all over the world.

The high quality and wear resistance of WALLRAM tools contribute to a reduction of production costs by extending service life and reducing scrap.

The comprehensive regrinding service increases the tool life cycle and, thus, supports sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Can tool applications play an important role in our work. The manufacturing of metal cans is a highly sophisticated process involving coils, lubricants, tools, machines, and sensors. The failure of one of these elements can interrupt the entire production process. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide competent support to our customers through all phases of can production – from design and development to support and trouble-shooting.

For the production of cans, the bodymaker machine is a central unit. It is exposed to extreme physical stress – especially extreme wear and tear. Bodymaker tools made of carbide are best suited for the longest service life. The precision and quality of WALLRAM tools ensure the best product quality at the highest possible production speed.

The cupper is the first station in the can production process. The cup / round plate is made from the coil and then further processed in the bodymaker. In order to form the best cup with optimal material use, the highest precision is required. WALLRAM tools can provide such results. The combination of several materials (e.g., carbide and ceramic) and the selection of the best grades is part of WALLRAM’s consulting services.

In the necker, the upper part of the can is formed in such a way that allows it later to receive the lid. To prevent errors in the nearly completed product, a sensitive forming process is required. Material selection is made at this point: Ceramic is ideal, but certain types of carbide can also be used. WALLRAM has the necessary expertise to make the best selection.

Whether trimmer knives or reform rollers, WALLRAM offers a broad product range in the metal packaging area. This assortment policy is an important component to the differentiation between mere parts suppliers and WALLRAM, a comprehensive partner for our customers’ procurement needs.

Company news

WALLRAM Group expands capacities and possibilities

WALLRAM Group expands capacities and possibilities

The relocation of WALLRAM Poland's operations to brand new buildings and workshop in Krakow is now complete.

The new location is fitted out with state-of-the-art technology as we also have invested in new machines and equipment for faster turnaround times while maintaining highest precision standards.

Not only does the new location give us the opportunity for further production capacities, it also gives us access to a wider pool of talent and better infrastructure.

Jürgen Seel, the managing director of the group, is proud of what has been achieved:

“After successfully implementing the largest investment program in the company's history for machines and systems in 2021/2022,

this is another important step for the WALLRAM Group in expanding its global position as one of the leading tool manufacturers for the metal packaging industry.” he says and continues “This shows that we are a reliable partner who plans for the long term and is not driven by short-term profit.”

Under the slogan Can Tooling & Engineering, WALLRAM offers best quality tools with highest precision for the production of cans, bottles, tubes and other metal packaging.

In addition, WALLRAM attaches great importance to the selection of the best materials for each tool and application and application-related advice from specialists at all locations.

With its three locations in Germany, Poland and the USA, WALLRAM has been a global partner of the metal packaging industry for more than 50 years.

Company news

New Logo - WALLRAM Can Tooling & Engineering

New Logo - WALLRAM Can Tooling & Engineering

With its three locations in Germany, Poland and the USA, WALLRAM has been a global partner and tool manufacturer for the metal packaging industry for over 20 years.

During this time, the companies were developed into a powerful unit.

With mutual support, best practice approaches and coordinated processes and purchasing sources, the WALLRAM brand stands for uncompromising quality, the highest precision and reliable partnership worldwide.

This is also what the new common logo "WALLRAM – CAN TOOLING & ENGINEERING" stands for, which symbolizes this global approach in tool delivery and application support.


Company profile

The WALLRAM Group is an international group of companies with production sites in Germany, Poland, Italy, and the United States.

The Group is primarily active in the manufacturing of tooling for metal packaging (particularly those made of carbide and ceramic)

WALLRAM is a global partner in this industry since decades and known for customer orientation, quality, precision, and sustainable solutions.

Another division of the group are grinding machines and grinding technology, which helps to bring also the tool production to a higher level.

WALLRAM aims to establish long-term strategic partnerships with its customers and strives to enhance and support their success in a sustainable manner.