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Allvig Technology GmbH. Unique and unparalleled Technology.

Allvig Technology GmbH develops advanced and highly sophisticated process recordingĀ and optical quality control systems for industrial inline quality assurance in manufacturing of plastic, metal, glass, paper and other products. The emphasis is on surface analysis, print inspection, position control, measurement, and completeness check. Allvig`s systems are extremely adaptable to specific customer needs.
Advantages include universal applicability and the ability to inspect the test objects on several criteria during one production cycle.
Thanks to Allvig`s innovative technological approach, AllvigĀ“s systems exhibit cognitive abilities similar to humans and consequently, ensure reliable defect detection, while the rejection of pseudo-defects is reduced to aminimum. In addition to that Allvig`s sophisticated technology ensures the detection of low-contrast and intricate defects for example, white compounds on white surfaces. This intelligent approach reduces the number of defects by finding them in the beginning phase of the production process.
The biggest benefit for our customers is the combination of minimised pseudo-rejection with reliable defect detection in one quality control system.
With Allvig they can reduce waste and save production costs.

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