Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 2
DE 40721 Hilden


Allvig Technology GmbH

We deal with advanced and highly sophisticated optical quality control systems that secure industrial inline quality in manufacturing of metal, plastic, glass, paper and other.

Based in Germany, we provide top-class solutions by combining a high-technology system with the proven “Made in Germany” quality.

Allvig unique universal serial products are ready to accommodate specific customer needs due to their flexibility and innovative design, and thus significantly lowering the cost of quality controls for the manufacturer.

We have developed a new proprietary technology able to minimize pseudo-rejections and grant reliable defects detection. This technology is the answer to one of the biggest challenges our clients had to face (pseudo-rejections and their costs), and that´s what made them chose Allvig.

Challenges are our strength and we are willing to find effective solutions to your quality control needs.

Our vision is to expand access to high-quality control for all manufacturers, big and small, by creating reliable and affordable quality control systems.


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