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Lining machines can be set-up for inserting EPE, SARANEX or TINFOIL pre-cut liners, as well as for inserting pourers, dosing valves, anti-filling valves, or for assembling child-resistant closures.
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Rotary threading machines for processing food-grade products in aluminium and tin-plate materials, for processing the neck of lids.
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Single or double turret rotary drawing presses for drawing and trimming long and extra-long capsules. Depending on the final capsule height, the drawing - redrawing machines are produced in a single turret version or a double turret version for longer caps.
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Rolling machines are equipped with a variable number of heads according to production requirements. The Bortolin Kemo rolling machines are produced for knurling, cutting and rolling low, deep and extra-deep aluminium capsules used in the following industries: wine, spirits, beverages, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.
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Product groups

Product range

- Whole sheet pressing plants

- Whole sheet pressing plants

Whole sheet pressing plants for the production of the first shell of aluminium or tin-plate closures (with or without trim).

Extreme sheet feeding precision is ensured thanks to linear motors and optical centring system. Sheet feeding can be straight, staggered or scroll.

The double or single-row die-tools are equipped with four automatically lubricated sliding columns, which assure constant alignment between matrix and punch, even after maintenance or changeover.

Format changeovers can be carried out by operators quickly and easily, thanks to the sliding die-tool change system on a dedicated trolley.

Lubrication of the kinetic systems and of the ram where the die-tool is installed, as well as sheet lubrication, is centralized and automated.

Attainable speed from 10,000 to 150,000 cps/hour

Product range

Rotary threading machines

Rotary threading machines

Rotary threading machines for processing food-grade products in aluminium and tinplate materials, for processing the neck of lids, caps and closures.
They are equipped with threading spindles and mobile plates according to the speed and production to be achieved.

Rotary threading machines for processing neck of bottles, lids, caps and closures in aluminium or tinplate.

Machine equipped with a solid flywheel holding the threading spindles and mobile plates in a variable number (from 4 to 8) according to the speed and
production to be achieved: Equipped with a spacing auger (for products requiring it).
Low-friction metal worktables and guides, the feeding and unloading channel with photocells is motorised to control loading-unloading.
Dual-acting cylinder for programmed product entry consent. Main gear motor controlled by inverter. Work phase acceleration and deceleration program.

Company news

BORTOLIN KEMO acquires Bonfiglioli Technosystem's know how

BORTOLIN KEMO acquires Bonfiglioli Technosystem's know how


We are very pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed between Bortolin Kemo SpA and Bonfiglioli Technosystem for the transfer of Bonfiglioli complete Know-How (drawings, projects, technical documents and spare part warehouse) to Bortolin Kemo, including the one of already installed machines.

In this way, Bortolin Kemo enters also the characteristic Bonfiglioli Technosystem market of metal packaging machines.

This agreement is a natural continuation of the profitable relationship existing between both companies and, in particular, with Bonfiglioli Family that, after the sudden departure of Mr. Giuseppe, has been continued with his daughters Jessica and Serena.

Thanks to this agreement, the heritage of knowledge developed by Bonfiglioli Technosystem will not be lost and the continuous technical support to customers with Bonfiglioli Technosystem machines can be guaranteed.

Company profile

The reliability on over 77 years of expertise

For over 77 years Bortolin Kemo has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of turn key solutions for packaging and production of metal closures. Its great flexibility on the design of machines, lines and plants, combined with continuous innovation and research, make Bortolin Kemo a reliable and ideal partner to provide standard or fully-taylored solutions for every customer’s needs.

Bortolin Kemo S.p.A. is handling in two sectors:

  • Packaging Division , which offers solutions to cover the complete packaging process. In particular, packing of bottles into cardboard cartons (secondary packaging) with advanced solutions for high-quality products (wines, sparkling wines and spirits) and forming of tertiary packaging (pallets).
  • Closures Division , which manufactures machines and lines for the production of metal closures (suitable for bottles, jars, cans) starting from aluminum sheets or tin plates; machines for processing plastic closures; assembly machines for complex closures.


Both sectors can develop and supply complete turnkey lines.
The company's key points are the commercial network, that is covering both national and international market, and the after-sales service, which supports the customers in the everyday use of the machines.

Design, innovation and service: Find out more about our value-added services

  • Design and Co-Design - Starting from an analysis of customer needs or of a specific market, we study ad-hoc solutions together with our customers for the packaging and closures sector.
  • Prototyping and Testing - We offer a service for the implementation of prototypes, in particular for Closures division machines, to test the production and assembly of special caps and closures in aluminium, tinplate and plastic.
  • “Turnkey” transport and installation - Shipping, transport and testing of plants, in Italy and abroad.
  • Spare parts supply - The reliability and sturdiness of our machines mean that they will be used for many decades. For this reason, we offer a maintenance and upgrading service for outdated plants and we are able to supply spare parts for machines produced even more than 30 years ago.
  • Classroom and online training - Training sessions for personnel involved in the use of new plants.
  • After-sales service and maintenance - We preserve the value of our plants, maintaining their performance and functionality over time thanks to fast and punctual service and maintenance in all phases of the machine life cycle.