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Fortis Bulk Depalletizer

Fortis Bulk Depalletizer

BW Integrated Systems’ patent pending Fortis High-Level Bulk Depalletizers automatically remove empty containers from pallets and feed them into production lines.

Fortis employs a unique method for handling dunnage, bringing the consolidated dunnage down to floor level for easy robotic separation. The robotic dunnage handling system separates layer pads, top frames, and pallets to meet supplier needs. Fortis is designed to operate in a 24-hour/day production environment and easily handles empty steel, aluminum, and PET containers.

Product range

Bulk Palletizing

Bulk Palletizing

BW Integrated Systems' robotic and traditional bulk palletizing solutions can handle a wide variety of customer specified container sizes across multiple industries including beverage, container manufacturing and more. 

Depending on the end-of-arm tooling, our robotic systems are capable of handling virtually any type of specialty, general purpose, or food containers made on our customer's production lines and designed specifically for high-speed can lines that require the use of multiple pallet sizes and layer size adjustments.

Company profile

BW Integrated Systems is pleased to bring to MetPack two of the oldest most recognized brands in Can and End Manufacturing.  Fleetwood Systems  founded in 1956, pioneered steel lid feeding and handling and was the supplier used during the development of the aluminum beer and beverage can ends. We continue to lead today and are providing the most innovative technically advanced conveying and automation for high speed beverage end lines, with more installations worldwide than any other company in the industry.

Our forward-thinking approach allows us to consistently improve upon our ability to handle smaller diameters, light weighting of ends and flexibility of lines. We offer solutions to our customers taking into consideration technology, manpower and budgets. When you integrate Fleetwood equipment in your end line you can be confident that you have the highest quality of equipment, engineered and built to provide you with the maximum production uptime that will deliver the highest quality of product to your customers.

Founded in 1971,  Goldco quickly separated from the pack and became the world's choice for end of line empty can palletizing. A thought leading engineering team developed a series of industry firsts, from a space saving reverse discharge machine, the first and still only top pallet infeed machine to the first fully automatic palletizer. Today we are proud to build upon that legacy utilizing our experience as one of the world's largest robotic integrators in packaging. Our floor level robotic solutions complement our high-speed beverage can technology and are well suited for palletizing round and non-round, food and general industry containers.In addition to state of the industry palletizing technology we offer a full range of pallet handling solutions including pallet labeling, live pallet storage, automatic truck loading and unloading.

The Fleetwood and Goldco convey product lines of ending, accumulation, depalletizing, palletizing, and associated equipment are manufactured in both the US and UK with field service engineers located worldwide. BW Integrated Systems powered by the Fleetwood and Goldco Brands is a company that will earn your trust.


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