1108 Feng Pu Avenue
CN 201400 Shanghai
Product range



Metal Coil Cutting Line  (Cut-to-length Line)

Metal Coil Rotary Cutting Line

Metal Coil Slitting Line

Energy Saving Combustion Catalytic Incinerator

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Hot Air Drying Furnace for Industrial Dehumidifying

Cutting Dies

Pin Hole Detector

Thickness Gauge

Damage-free Metal Sheet Magnet Stacking Device

Damage-free Dynamic Metal Sheet Infeed Control Device

Upgrade Electric System for Old Coil Cutting Line

Tin-plate and Aluminum Coil Cutting, Coating & Printing Service Center

Trading of Can-making Material: Tinplate, Aluminum, EOE and Can Sealing Compound, etc

Company profile

Shanghai KEENSON Electromechanical Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in design and manufacture of metal processing production equipment and industrial exhaust air treatment equipment, such as metal coil cutting and slitting machinery, industrial organic waste gas purification incinerator, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and hot air drying furnace for industrial dehumidifying, etc. 

Shanghai KEENMET Printing Technology Limited, sole subsidiary to KEENSON, undertakes tin-plate & aluminum cutting, coating & printing process. KEENMET service center has applied KEENSON’s Coil Cutting Lines and Incinerators as its main production machines, which provides valuable users’ opinions and experience for its mother company, KEENSON’s continuous product & technology improvements.

KEENSON has been well-recognized by domestic and overseas clients due to its advanced equipment technology, product steady quality and reasonable price.  KEENSON will exert itself to carry out its business concepts of “Thinking Everything for clients” and innovate continually to develop and manufacture more and better products for the industry.