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METPACKER Ambalaj Makine San. ve Tic. A.S. im MEDIA CENTER

The sealing compound is applied automatically by nozzle system to the ends, rings or lids and then they are dried in vertical pocket type oven. • Application of the seal with an electro-pneumatic gun • Special coating for all the parts that contact with the lids, end, or ring in order to prevent scratching • Central lubrication • Vertical design for optimized drying time and minimized workspace • Effective drying by hot air blowing from all sides on the ends • Magnetic exit conveyor
Fotograf: Ms.Bahriye Demir
As main operation of three-piece can production line, rolls the body blanks into cylindrical shape and welds to a tube form. Fully automated machine. Production capacity: 100 cpm
Fotograf: Ms.Bahriye Demir