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OMPI SRL is an Italian company producing machines for metal packaging industry for more than 30 years.

The company core business is based on production of complete scroll cutting lines and compound lining lines.

OMPI provides complete scroll cutting lines, including sheet feeders, scroll shears, strips stacking systems, suitable to handle either aluminum and tin plate sheets.

OMPI provides complete compound lining lines, including ends conveyors belts, compound liners, vertical drying ovens, ends packing stations.

The continuous company commitment to research and development, has lead OMPI to design and manufacture complete lines for producing either aerosol tops and bottoms, and shell ends, including cutting lines, transfer presses / stamping presses,  compound lining lines.

Up today, OMPI has delivered to the market about 700 complete lining lines, and about 80 scroll cutting lines.

The OMPI machines are used by the bigger and most well known  cans producers, as well as, supplied to the biggest metal packing machines producers.