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Umar Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. im MEDIA CENTER

This line consists of infeed conveyor, automatic round flanging unit and automatic lower and upper seaming units with lid feeder. Capacity: 50 cpm Diameter: 63 - 175 mm Height: 100 - 300 mm
Fotograf: Umar Makina
This line consists of: - Welding line indexing - Forming - Panelling - Bottom Flanging - Bottom Seaming with lid feeder - Body Turnover - Top Flanging - Top Seaming with lid feeder Capacity: 50 cpm Volumetric Capacity: 10-17 LT
Fotograf: Umar Makina
This line is designed for protection of weld seam of three-piece cans. It can be used in front of different brand welding machines. Seam Protection is with automatic inside powder, outside wet lacquer roller application and curing system. Capacity: 9 - 25m/min Diameter: 70 - 300 mm
Fotograf: Umar Makina
Fully automatic machine is developed for giving cylindrical shape and seam welding operation of three-piece can bodies. Capacity: 60 cpm Body diameter: 140 - 295 mm Body height: 100 - 380 mm
Fotograf: Umar Makina